Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Does Social Media Make Us Antisocial?

After reading a blog called Overtweeting: Are We Becoming Socially Antisocial? from Influential Marketing Blog, I felt like I should tell you all me take on the situation.

The blog starts out saying that in the past there were two different types of thoughts: the thoughts we would share with others and the thoughts that we would keep to ourselves. But now there is a third type of thought where we share online with the virtual world instead of telling someone in person.

To be quite honest, I don't like texting people, though it's a basic necessity these days for communication. I would much rather meet with someone and be talking to them face-to-face than through a phone screen. I just don't like how impersonal it can be. Plus with texting, there are so many ways that messages can get misconstrued and taken the wrong way. I think that you get a lot more out of communicating in personal than though technology.

Now don't get me wrong, I think technology is great and it can help you connect with people who aren't here that you can't just hang out with and see, I just think that technology has changed society and especially for the younger kids who grew up with all the technology. For example when people text or Facebook chat each other while in the same room instead of just engaging in a conversation. I mean technology is great and all, but that cannot be solely what you use to communicate. Another thing that gets me are those virtual online worlds like World of Warcraft and that SecondLife website. Some people get so addicted to those games and they make that their life. I can't imagine making a character on a website be how I communicate with the world. I suppose that I just need people interaction that much, but I think everyone does, which baffles me because then instead of going out and hanging out and doing things, some people can just sit in front of a computer screen all night.

Sometimes I think we all just need to take a break from social media, because it does take up so much time and just unplug and go out into the world without being so dependent on that constant connection. It's a pretty freeing feeling to not always have your phone on you. That way you can just enjoy living in the moment without all of its distractions and interruptions.

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  1. I agree with you, Brandy. I think society's dependence on social media and technology to communicate is ridiculous. With that said, I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to relying on my cell phone. I feel almost lost if it is not with me. I have forgotten it a couple times at home and will turn around and go back and get it even if I am running late. I used to say I hated texting, but now, I hate talking on the phone. I would much rather send a quick text saying what I need to say then having to call someone and have a conversation. How awful is that? With the world the way it is now, so impersonal, I seem to just go with the trend. Perhaps I will try a little experiment and see what happens if I do not text for one day. I think I probably will feel very out of touch with the world. We will see if I actually can be determined enough to do it.