Tuesday, August 9, 2011

B is for Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant: the calf of a thickset, tall, large-eared and herbivorous mammal of tropical Africa with elongated snouts into a muscular trunk and large ivory tusks.
[According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary]

Because my train to Boston was departing from Toledo, Ohio, I decided to make plans with my long-time friend, Brentlee, who lives in Toledo and make a day of it. But because the train didn’t leave until 3 AM, we were making a very long day of it. The first thing on the agenda was to visit the Toledo Zoo. I love zoos. I love seeing all the animals and even seeing all the little kids react to seeing the animals too. We started off with the polar bears. There were two in the exhibit and they were fascinating. I told Brentlee straight off that I was going to take a bunch of pictures while we were there, so he’d have to put up with it.  We watched the Polar bears for a good 20 minutes and of course I took plenty of pictures of them. Our next stop was in the African Safari part of the zoo. We took this shaky little metal train ride around the area and saw ostriches, giraffes, wildebeests, gazelles and other things like that. I liked the giraffes the most and there was a baby too - they said that when it was born, it was six feet tall - way taller than I am. The safari thing was a bit disappointing, and because it was still sort of early in the morning and over 90 degrees outside, a bunch of the animals were just sleeping in the shade and not really doing too much. So Brentlee and I kept making our way through the zoo and we saw a few penguins and meerkats, two rhinos and sleeping lions and hippos and otter. When we first checked out the elephant exhibit, the mother and newly born calf were huddled in the far corner and hardly visible, but the second time we passed it, they were both out and about and eating some food, so of course we had to stop by and watch them again. They were so cute! The baby’s name was Lucas and he was so funny following his mom around and standing under and around her.
Next we made our way through the Reptile House and checked out the snakes and lizards. The chameleons were pretty sweet, I thought. But then we went and saw the monkeys and honestly we could have stayed there all day to watch them. By far the most active animals we saw the whole day, they were just swinging everywhere and running and playing and it was so entertaining. The orangutans were pretty sweet too and this  one was really moving around and he was playing in their tub of water and everything. The gorillas were cool and it was crazy though because the one huge man gorilla was sitting just right up against the glass, face-to-face with everyone who came to see them. After the monkeys, we hit up the aquarium and saw so many pretty fishies and creepy, gross ones too. Then after touring the whole place and with still time to kill, we went to check out some of the animals that had been boring the first time we saw them. Actually we got to see some of the animals up and about a little bit more, like the hippos, tigers and there were a few more penguins out too.
All in all I ended up taking 202 pictures/videos. Don’t judge me. I would have taken more too, but my camera battery died =( Not okay. You can check out most of the pictures and video that I did take, here at Zoo Pictures and Zoo Videos. Hope you like ‘em!

-~- B.

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