Friday, November 4, 2011

B is for Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy : a system of administration based upon organization into bureaus, division of labour, a hierarchy of authority, etc: designed to dispose of a large body of work in a routine manner.
[According to the World English Dictionary]

The last time I talked about the American Marketing Association, I told about how my co-president, Chelsie, and I had completely restructured the group and strategy. Since then, we've gotten so much accomplished. We've done more in these first couple months than in the previous years that I'd been involved.
This is how we restructured the group to increase organization, focus and incentive:

  1. We decided to implement a point system to measure and reward attendance to meetings, events and participation in fundraisers. At the end of each semester, we'll award the 'Member of the Semester' with a $25 gift card. At the end of the year, the 'Member of the Year' will receive a $50 gift card. The point chart will also be used to determine the allocation of our group funds for the trip to New Orleans for the International Collegiate Conference.
  2. We also decided to have each officer keep a log of each of the activities/work that they did each month in their position for the group. This would not only measure which positions were doing more/less work than others, but it would give us a Transition Booklet to be used for reference when new members are elected into officer positions for the next year. These logs would also help us decide how to reorganize the executive board for next year, if need be.
  3. Chelsie and I decided that both our group and officer meetings needed to be more routine and set into a schedule. We  keep everyone involved and interested in staying in the group if we met more than once every few months.
    • I created a calendar for the year, marking each of the general and officer meetings in the schedule. This would allow members to know before-hand when we would be having meetings to schedule around them. Our semester schedule was also included with holiday breaks and special events, fundraisers and more.
    • We decided to hold our meetings bi-weekly, with our officer meetings every other Sunday from 8:30-9:30 PM and our general meetings the following Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 PM. The schedule really seems to be working out well for us this year.
  4. Finally, I completely re-created our chapter's website, since it was last updated in 2006 (not okay). You can check it out here at ONU's AMA Website.
We kicked off our year with a booth at WelcomeFest, where all the freshman are able to walk around our field house and check out all of the campus organizations and sign up if interested. AMA incorporated an interactive game into our booth and gave away prizes to get the interest of the students, and it was really successful. Our Kick-Off Barbecue, a few days after WelcomeFest, actually had a record number of attendees and interested students. We did typical introductions and ice-breakers, asking why they would like to be members to get ideas for later meetings and provide valuable experiences for our members.

Marketing Week was held October 17th though the 23rd, where we had a booth set up all week in the college. Monday we kicked off marketing week with a marketing research taste test where we had students use french fries to taste both Heinz ketchup and an off-brand label. The results were interesting though. With 70 participants, we had 53% voting on Ketchup 1 (Heinz) as best-tasting and 47% voting for Ketchup 2 (Off-Brand) as the best-tasting. Next for marketing week was having three teams of five people participate in the St. Jude's Up Til Dawn Letter Writing Event to raise money for the hospital. We also had a booth set up all week to gain donations, which went towards our New Orleans trip for the Collegiate Conference by being able to pie the professor whose jar collected the most money at the end of the week. We even had an incentive that if you donate money, you get a raffle ticket and a chance to throw one of the three winning pies! For the first time holding this event, we had a great turn-out. Finally, to end marketing week on a high note, our club took a trip to Cedar Point's Halloweekends to ride some roller coasters, learn a bit about the marketing efforts of an amusement park and enjoy the spooky atmosphere with the group.

Most recently, our group joined with the local Mexican restaurant to promote their business, encouraging the community and students to eat at the restaurant on Halloween, and in return, AMA would get 10% of each of the bills for profit. We also hosted a costume contest during the specified hours of 5-9 PM, where the winner would receive a $25 gift certificate. Our club made over $100, so we hope to hold the event again later this year.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

B is for Business

Business: a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood.
[According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary]

I am well aware that I have not posted an update in well over a month. =( I feel pretty awful about that, but the truth is, being in the middle of the semester, my life has kicked into high-gear and The B List was put on the back burner. Currently mid-week in week 11 of 16 on ONU's semester schedule, I'll catch you up on all of the exciting events in my life since B is for Busy.
Okay. Well with my Ada Chamber of Commerce internship, I've started calling each of the 65 companies and compiling my information to a database. For the past few weeks, I've been getting myself up early and in the building to allow for a few solid hours of calling before I have to go to class. I've actually had a really great response rate and almost everyone I've called has been very friendly and cooperative. Plus, I've found that to speak with the person I need and collect all their data, takes only about 10 minutes per business. Awesome!
Next are my campus jobs, and yes that is plural, because since my last post, I've been hired for additional positions, which I'm really excited about. I'm actually wrapping up my job with the Sports Information Department. I've got our last home women's soccer game tomorrow and the last few football games to update the stats for, but after that I'll be on to new assignments within the Marketing and Communications Department, right down the hall. I'll be filling two positions, actually. The first is working with the University's website as a web development assistant, and the second is a graphic design assistant working with more of the hard copy promotional items for the University. I'm really just getting started with these, but there'll be more to come once I get a little more into it.
Then I've got the American Marketing Association, but you can read more about that in B is for Bureaucracy.
Most recently though, I've been doing interviews. Yesterday, which seems like a week ago, I interviewed with American Trim for an internship position for spring semester. I'm really excited about this as well and believe the interview went really well. American Trim was pretty recently featured in the publication, "Discover the Dayton Region," as one of the Top 10 Businesses in Shelby County for its plans to continue to supply innovations that will improve manufacturing in Ohio. I really like the position's responsibilities and the experience I could gain and I find that promoting their products to be really intriguing. However, after that interview, I had to pack my things and drive down to Cincinnati. I was scheduled to meet with a Procter & Gamble employee from their marketing department at 9:00 this morning. Also, if you know me at all, you'd know that I'm in love with the P&G company and find their brands and values fascinating, which of course is why I read all of their press releases to keep updated. Sort of nerdy, but that's fine. Anyways, I was able to stay the night at my Uncle's place in Loveland and finish the 1/2 hour drive to the P&G headquarters in the morning. I arrived at the Towers building and I felt like a child in a candy store. I was elated. I was actually there. I got to meet the wonderful employee who graciously allowed me to ask her questions about her position and the company and she gave me a little tour of the rest of the building before she had to return to meetings. It was absolutely amazing.
That's my life right now. I'm hoping it'll get a little less hectic for a bit, but projects are coming due and exams are popping up. I will say though, that I can't wait for Thanksgiving break and being able to relax a bit and spend time with my family.

-~- B.