Friday, December 30, 2011

B is for Bicycle

Bicycle: a vehicle with two wheels tandem, a handlebar for steering, 
a saddle seat and pedals by which it is propelled.
[According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary]

Wow. It's been a while since my last post. That makes me sad. I hate getting so caught up in everything that I neglect my blog. =(
Anyways. Being on Christmas break and back home for 3 weeks, I've been pretty pent up in my house in the little town of SM. It's too cold to go run outside - I hate when my throat gets all cold and it's hard to breathe. And, since there isn't even any snow to play in outside, I'm forced to become creative inside.
Now, it's not that I work out on a daily basis, by any means, but when I get pent up like this, I  have all of this energy that I NEED to use. So yesterday, I booted up the ole Wii and popped in Just Dance. I like the game. I like its variety and the fact that I get to dance around in my skivvies alone in the house like a fool. However, I dislike the fact that I have to hold the wii-mote in my right hand and it only adds to my score when the sensor hits perfectly! =( I know for a fact that I'm doing those moves just like that animated person on the screen! Also, I find it utterly impossible that I can dance to 20 songs - my considered workout - and be sore the next day! Seriously? What's even better though, is that only my right bicep is sore. Haha. If I keep Wii dancing, I'm going to end up with one super buff arm and one lil weakling arm. Cute! But I suppose that's the price I pay since I would much rather Wii dance than do boring pushups and whatnot.
Other things I like to do as my physical activity / workout include Zumba, dancing, cheering (and I mean flying and occasionally basing), swimming (though I've not yet been able to fit that into my schedule this year). When it's warm out, I'm pretty partial to rollerblading, running outside, tumbling in the grass, waterskiing, taking walks, walking/running with dogs or really any kind of outdoor activity. I just really enjoy being active in general. Helps to clear my head, de-stress and  I also love my bike, which saved my life the past two years by getting me to some of my classes on time. Oops. I've had my bike forever, though. I mean this thing was my first real big-kid two-wheeler! I would ride that bike everywhere if I could. In the summers I would ride it to Grand Lake SM or drive there and rollerblade the path up and down a few times. So pretty!
And now I'm missing Summertime ... 
Well. That's about it. I'm using some of that hyped up energy to write this blog instead of being able to do anything that I listed up there.  Short and sweet and hopefully more to come soon!

-~- B.