Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Got Milk?

The National Milk Mustache "got milk?" Campaign is one of the most recognized and respected advertising campaigns, with a message that has helped boost awareness of the nutritional aspects of milk. Personally, I love milk and it's one of the few drinks I like. I think that Got Milk Campaign is great because it uses the buying personas that we talked about in our social media class. They promote milk to families, and most recently had Angie Harmon, a model and actress, posed with her daughters with the famous milk mustaches. Harmon said, “A mom is most often the largest role model in her daughter’s life and has tremendous power to influence their health and nutrition. Something as simple as watching mom drink a glass of lowfat milk can help influence her kids’ beverage choices in a positive way.” Other family-related promotions included a milk and cereal back to school program, a milk and cookies program, and the Pour One More program. Another profile used is athletes, because chocolate milk is such a great source of nutrients needed to refuel after a workout. Because low-fat chocolate milk has been scientifically shown to refuel and rebuild muscles to help athletes recover after strenuous exercise, the got milk? campaign has provided information for coaches, school sports teams and athletes. I think it's pretty sweet to see a company that actually has examples of the multiple distinct buyer personas and designates their marketing plans based on those consumers' needs.
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