Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ONU Life #1

Well this is my first blog, ever! I've given a passing thought to starting a blog once before, but never really had that inspiring moment to actually do it. Now I've got to write a blog three times a week for my social media class. This one will focus on my life at ONU, since I haven't started the readings yet and figured this shouldn't be too difficult.

Well I just returned from spring break, where I joined most of our cheer squad on a road trip/cruise to the Bahamas. The weather was great, especially since we left Ada in a blizzard. The trip was a blast. It was my first time on a cruise ship, and I wasn't disappointed.

After break and diving into spring quarter, I had a full day on Monday with classes scheduled from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. I made a trip home after my final class let out for the night. Since I had been traveling every day over break, I didn't have a chance to be home at all and see my family. Going home was also my way to sort-of extend the break. I was home until this afternoon and being home was great. There's just something about mom's home-cooked dinners and being surrounded by family and pets that just keep you coming back for more.

Once I was back on campus, however, all of my responsibilities and assignments came rushing back. For this only being the first week of classes, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work to come, the meetings, the hours of work and trying to find time for all of it. I'm hoping that my economics class is not going to be as near as hard as the first day seemed, though that may only be wishful thinking. I am really looking forward to this social media class, and Aggie knows the struggle that I had to get the override to be included. My consumer behavior class shouldn't be overly difficult, I don't think, but advanced marketing should be pretty interesting since the class is pretty much based on a market simulation game and how well you can run your "company" for eight years (read weeks).

Other than classes, I've got interviews being set up in my search for the internship required for graduation next year. I've also got a few long nights ahead of me for American Marketing Association (AMA) and getting our trade show booth all set up and ready for our national conference in New Orleans at the end of March. Work is also starting up again with the Phonathon and the sports department, where I follow ONU's track team and type up press releases at the end of each meet.

There are now only about ten weeks of classes until summertime. I absolutely cannot wait until the weather finally gets nice and warm, because though my schedule doesn't allow me very much free time, I love being outside and can't wait until I can break out my bike and rollerblades again.

Well that blog turned out to be a little longer than expected, but that's a pretty general overview of my current life at ONU.  Hopefully you learned something new and found a bit of entertainment.

Thanks for reading!!

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