Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting the Dirt on Groundswell

I really liked the idea in Groundswell that said to pay more attention to the relationship than the technology. I mean of course the technology is changing and though the medium may not change right away, the tools being used are sure to change relatively quickly. As long as you are engaging and really connecting with your audience and target public, then which methods you use are arbitrary.
I would say that this word of advice not only goes towards businesses trying to relate to their audience, but even for people and their everyday relationships too. Being in college and away from my friends from back home who are off at other colleges, sometimes it's hard keeping our up on our friendships. Even though I've all got classes, work , meetings and plans with my friends here, it's still important to connect with the important people in my live, no matter how it's done. Regardless of how the contact is being made, whether it's by sending an e-mail, calling, texting, facebooking them, or following them on twitter, the important thing is that the connection is being made and that I am able to get through to them.

This the message that was bring sent in chapter two because there are so many different ways for companies to communicate with their markets, as long as you can make that connection and maintain it, then how you do it is less important.

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