Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank God for Mothers

In honor of Mother's Day, I am dedicating my life blog this week to my amazing mother, Lisa Wilson. I am so thankful for my mom and everything that she's done for me. 

My mom has been there for me through absolutely everything. She supports whatever I do and helps me out more than I can say. Though we look very much alike (and absolutely everyone tells me that, too), we share many of the same traits and characteristics. My mom is very organized and on top of things, which has been instilled in me and it has helped me in my school and work life. She's used her knowledge and past experiences to help guide me and go through these major steps in life, like shopping for things for my apartment and getting all my stuff ready for college and all that good stuff. 
My mom has been to all eleven of my dance recitals and driven me to many dance competitions while I was in high school. She's helped me get ready with all my costumes and with hair and makeup during the hectic changes. She's also gone to all the football and basketball games to watch me cheer at them. It really means so much to me that she comes and watches and is always in the crowd for me to find. I love that.

 < This is my mom with Klondike at on of the ONU football games earlier this fall.

With this summer coming up, I can't even say how happy I am that I'll be home for one more summer and being able to live at home and still get to hang out with my mom. I think the longer that I'm away from home and after my third year in college, the more I miss and cherish the time that I do have at home with her. Sometimes now it seems that when I was at home, for holidays and whatnot, I would rather hangout with my mom at home than go out and hang out with friends from high school that I really didn't keep in touch with too much.

I hope that when I become a mother, someday in the future, that I can be as supportive and loving as my mom has been for me. I'm sure that I don't get to tell her nearly as much as I should, but I love my mom and I so greatly appreciate everything that she does for me.

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