Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lucky Seniors

With only like three and a half weeks of classes left this spring quarter and then the dreaded week of exams, this school year is coming to a close pretty quickly. I know that the seniors here are dreading leaving and I completely understand that. I am absolutely grateful that I have another year in the college world, but I must say that you seniors are kind of lucky. I say this in regards to scheduling.
Next year we're switching to semesters and scheduling classes for next year is such a pain! Most of the classes are offered only in the fall semester or only in the spring semester. It's a good thing that I have almost all of my required classes finished this year and should be completed this fall, but there are probably three different classes that I would have liked to take that are not offered in the spring, so I just can't take them at all.
Also because I've taken most of the classes required for my marketing major, it is extremely difficult to find electives to take that are going to be interesting to me. I will not take another math class, another western civ or chemistry anything. Those classes are not my major for a reason. It also aggravates me when I finally find a few electives that I would like to take, then find out that they overlap in times and I have to choose which of the two I would rather take. Talk about frustrating.
So to those of you who are graduating this May, be grateful that you at least get to miss out on the stresses of picking and choosing classes in a brand new trial system for the first time. Luckily for me though is that I only have to deal with this for one year!

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