Sunday, December 30, 2012

B is for Bereft

Bereft: lacking something needed, wanted, or expected.
[According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary]

Sometimes I think my life is kind of sad and lonely - I mean I live by myself, which I absolutely love 98% of the time. Sometimes though, after being cooped up for a while, being alone is just too much. Especially when the weather is sucky and it gets dark so early. Yep. I'm definitely over winter right now .. I'm ready for the sun and the warm weather and being able to go outside and DO THINGS!

Anyways back to my awesome life - sometimes when I hear the person that lives below me, I feel sort of comforted from being a little lonely - which I also think is super weird/creepy sometimes. But when I'm up at night and I can hear his tv on and he laughs or is talking, it just kind of reminds me that there are actually other people around in this world.

Usually the guy who lives below (who I've never met, mind you) is quiet and I only hear him every so often. Whenever I can hear his tv on though, mostly it kind of reminds me of being at home because when I was younger, my dad would sit downstairs at night after we were all in bed and watch tv and I could hear it from upstairs.

Yep that sounds just as strange when I type it out as when I thought about it. haha. I'm just wondering if any of you ever get that feeling too...

Until next time
    -~- B.