Education & Coursework

Ohio Northern UniversityAda, Ohio            
Graduation: May 2012
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration            
Major: Marketing            
Dean’s List: 7/9 quarters and 2/2 semesters
GPA: 3.74            

Integrated Business Planning I            
Fall 2011
·       Applied business strategic analysis and core disciplines to a real business planning problem
·       Developed a complete strategy for Meijer to move into the urban neighborhoods of Chicago
·       Presented our strategy to faculty and Meijer’s Director of Continuous Quality Improvement
·       Created a Kepner-Tregoe Diagram regarding our decision and a Balanced Scorecard on Meijer
·       Analyzed financials from competitors and from industry averages through research databases
Fall 2011
·       Studied aspects of retailing - consumer buyer behavior, retail market strategy, financial strategy
·       Completed a ”consulting project” on specialty retailers focusing on meeting consumer needs
·       Performed two focus groups, separating male and female to analyze their differing views
·       Analyzed results from focus groups and researched how retailers met utilitarian and hedonic needs
·       Completed situation analyses on various companies from WSJ articles and the retail process model
Social Media            
Spring 2011
·       Created a blog; posting three times per week for ten weeks covering various topics
·       Created a video PSA - recorded material and edited film on IMovie then uploaded to YouTube
·       Created a podcast of an interview with an expert in our field of interest about social media
·       Followed PR professionals and companies on Twitter and analyzed hash tag usage
Public Relations Writing            
Winter 2011
·       Designed a three-fold brochure, complete with lists, graphics and colors, for company of choice
·       Wrote a proposal and cover letter to implement an Honor Code for Ohio Northern University
·       Wrote news releases based on given information for fictional events and newspaper articles
·       Designed a double truck ad for Business Week for a fictional industrial park in Ada, Ohio
Web Design and Development            
Winter 2011
·       Used CSS and XHTML to design page layouts and formats
·       Created my own website complete with links, tables, anchors, graphics, frames and lists
·       Used Fireworks program to design images, banners, and graphics for web pages
Personal Selling            
Winter 2011
·       Collaborated with a partner to create a business and product to sell in a B2B situation
·       Used research databases to collect information on the cookie/snack industry and competitors
·       Produced a complete sales guide for “Branbow Bakery” and our featured products.

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