Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Family is Key.

Part of the reason that I chose to attend ONU is the location. I'm from St. Marys, Ohio, which is about 40 minutes south of campus. This is great for me because I'm pretty close with my family. My parents are wonderful. They do so much for me and always support the things I'm involved in. They would come up every weekend that ONU had a home football game to watch the cheerleaders stunt. It was seeing them and great to know that I had the biggest fans watching me every week. I felt really blessed that they would come, especially since most of the other girls' parents could make it to few games, if any at all.  The other plus to having my parents frequently visiting was that I could give my mom  my laundry and she would take it home and bring it back clean the next week!

The distance is also great, because if I ever really need to be home or just want to get out of Ada; I can do it. I've been able to go home for doctor appointments (and not have to wait two hours at the health clinic here) or to go home to watch my little brother, Jeremy, play tennis.

I suppose I shouldn't really call him little, since he's about to graduate high school. I'm really excited though, because he is coming to attend Ohio Northern this fall! I'm so glad that I will still be here at Northern for one more year and get to help him through his first year away from home. I know how scary it was to come to a completely new place and not knowing anyone. So me being here should help him feel much more comfortable here. He's actually coming up to visit and stay this weekend and he's bring our cousin, Ben, and their friend, Dylan. I'm excited to see him because, though I only live 40 minutes away, this will be the third time he's come to stay. I'm looking forward to taking the boys out and showing them around and exposing them to the wild Ada night life! Ha. I've got to get Jerm used to life at ONU; that way he'll know what to expect for the next four years. I've had an amazing three years so far, and I hope he'll feel the same about this place. It's definitely my home away from home.


  1. Based on the recent posts from our classmates, it looks like Ohio Northern students have really enjoyed their experiences at the university. I think that says a lot about ONU students, professors and the university as a whole. I'm from Columbus and like you, I've enjoyed being relatively close to home. It's close enough that my parents were able to come to all of my soccer games, yet it was far enough away that they won't just pop in one morning and surprise me!

  2. Brandy, I have a really similar situation. I am from Findlay which is also really close. I have always told people it is as close or as far as I want it. I can go several weeks without going home or I can run home for a couple hours for dinner once a week if I want. For example this weekend, my family is in town and while I have a couple things on campus I can go back and fourth really easily and get to spend a lot of time with my family. I have to admit I also do the send laundry home and get it back clean deal. Its wonderful! I really appreciate being so close to home. I'm glad you shared this with us!