Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gotta Love That Chocolate!

Nestle's Willy Wonka Chocolate line has come out with a new promotional game and prizes based on the Willy Wonka Movie and the golden ticket. What a great way to advertise their chocolate! I think it's going to be successful because people will relate this contest for the golden ticket to the movie what they watched as a kid and remember and can sort of live it themselves. The only difference in the prize is that there is no tour in a magical candy factory, but instead a tour around the world. There are still five golden ticket winners who can take three guests with them on the trip and multiple other prizes being given away as well.
The other great thing about this golden ticket contest is the amount of buzz going on around it. There are all kinds of articles being written about the promotion including ones from USAToday, Perez Hilton, and many more. With names like theses writing about Willy Wonka's new chocolate, word is sure to spread like wildfire!

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