Monday, August 15, 2011

B is for Boston

Boston: a city and port in Massachusetts.
[According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary]

So this post is sort of long, but thats because it's basically a day-by-day of my time in Boston. I'd like to say up front that the reason for my trip was to A. travel alone and have an adventure and to B. spend some time hanging out with one of my best friends from high school, who I rarely get to see and to C. see how she spends a typical day/ what it would be like to live there. This trip was not about going to all the bars and getting drunk and partying, so if thats what you expected to read about then you'll be pretty disappointed. Honestly with being in a new city and knowing maybe 3 people that I could for sure trust, I was not about to put myself in a compromising situation. And, because this is actually my second trip to Boston, I got most of the real touristy things out of the way the first time. So here we go:

Monday - Basically we just slept in because after two long days before, I was pretty exhausted. When we got up and about, Alycia and I made our way to the grocery store to pick up some things for the week so we wouldn't be spending mass amounts of money eating out everyday, plus it's healthier. After walking back from the store, we headed out to the New England Institute of Art, where Aly takes classes. While she was in class for a few hours, I was able to use the internet, get some things done, check some things out. Then back to the house. We got to relax and catch up on everything and then watched the movie, Limitless, which I would recommend. It was really interesting.
Tuesday - Newbury Street, known for its was next on the agenda. They've got boutiques to bohemian and everything between. The street is known for its historic brownstone buildings filled with hundreds of shops and restaurants on all levels. Obviously we went for the shopping and it was great because since Aly's majoring in fashion marketing, she knew all the places that had good pieces and because she's in college like me, she knew exactly where to find all the best deals.  Our favorite place on Newbury didn't sell clothes though, it sold the BEST frozen yogurt ever, and if you ever find a BerryLine, do yourself a favor and get some! Amazing. I ordered the Oreo kind topped with bananas and raspberries. So Good! Anyways so after shopping for a good part of the day, we hopped back on the crowded T (not a fan) and headed back to Commonwealth Ave. The next activity for us was hitting the gym. We went to Commonwealth Sports Club (CSC) and I got a free week trial thing and worked out, which was perfect, then we walked next door to the grocery store to pick up a few more things.
Wednesday - So Aly had class for a few hours and I was really hoping to go back to Newbury Street for a bit to walk around some more, but it wasn't looking too likely with the time frames we had. She suggested though, that I just take the T and go there by myself and insisted that it wasn't that hard. I figured you know if I really did live here, I would have to get around on my own anyways plus it was broad daylight so I did, and it really was super easy to get to. Take the green T from Long Ave. to Copley St., get off and cross the street. Yep. Super simple. So I went and I'm so glad I did. I loved just walking around the street myself and looking at everything. There's something about shopping by yourself and taking all the time you want and not worrying about the other people waiting on you or going into places they don't want to. It's just nice to so sometimes. Anyways I got to shop and got BerryLine again (how could I not, I was already there .. ) and made my way back to the house just in time as Alycia got home from class. We headed to CSC for a yoga class and then hit up WonderBar to experience Dubstep music for the first time in a place like this. I don't know what to say about it except I didn't really know what to do. Completely different type of music than I've ever been around. 
Thursday - We start off with a pilates class at CSC and walk around a bit after. We make our way to a frozen yogurt place nearby called Mixx, which was also amazing, and then to a little park close by to swing at. Later we adventured to Quincy Market in Nathaniel Hall, and even though most of the shops were closing, it was really neat to see. Aly and I ate at Dick's Last Resort, where the waiters are kind of rude and they give you these paper hats with crude sayings on them. Yeah, but it was fun and a different kind of atmosphere and experience than any other restaurant. Back in Alston we met up with a few of Alycia's friends and hung out with them. Nothing too crazy.
Friday - We made our way to the Boston Commons, which reminded me of a much smaller scale Central Park in NYC. It was really cute and a great place to walk around and hang out at. Aly and I layed out in the grass for awhile on a hill and chatted about life and whatnot. After a while we got up and walked around a bit, coming across a new little shopping square near Park St. We got Mixx again and went to a party at one of Aly's friend's house to have a good time and meet a bunch of new people.
Saturday - We started off our day with a yoga class at CSC and then back home for a nap. For lunch we got Mixx again (I'm telling you this place was amazing!) and then walked down to the grocery store for a few things for the day and for snacks on the train back home. Just hanging out for the rest of the day, I packed all my bags and we watched The Roommate and Drive Angry on their projector screen. Not really ready to end the trip, we headed out one last time to hang out with her friends for a bit until we had to get back and get some rest before my long day of traveling ahead of me.

So that was pretty much my time in Boston. I had a great time there and spending time with Alycia. My favorite part was probably just walking around in the city, and we literally walked miles everyday to get around. I loved not having to have a car but still just be able to get anywhere or anything you want. Not so fond of the T though, and I'd rather walk in fair weather, because it was just so crowded and if you don't have a seat or a thing to hold onto, then you're just falling all over the place when it stops and goes and it's just awfully embarrassing and difficult. But on a final note, I enjoyed the experience and could see myself living in a city after school. Guess we'll see what happens! && if you stuck around until the end, Thanks for reading! =) Oh and you can check out some of my pictures from Boston on Facebook, too.

-~- B.

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