Monday, April 18, 2011

Engage: The Final Chapter

Actually I'll be covering more of the final part - Part Six - not just Chapter 25.
I found it interesting that with the change to Web 2.0 and thus CRM 2.0, there was much more focus put on customer relations management. There was, however, another shift and this time from CRM to sCRM (social customer relations management) and ultimately to just SRM (social relations management). I can completely see and understand how sCRM is important because it shows that it's necessary for all parts of the company to be involved in promoting the company's brand identity, answer questions and build relationships and loyalty.
With the change to just SRM, this relates to managing your social relations with customers, vendors, employees, experts and partners. Though it will obviously take more work to maintain and manage all of these relationships, you and the company will benefit from the additional attention to others' needs and wants. For SRM you'll need more collaboration than just conversation, really listening instead of intermittent researching, action and resolutions over just monitoring, and personalization, not just automation, is key.
I like this because realistically it applies to everything - any company and any person. Yes, your customers must be happy and have expected service provided, but relationships with friends and the people that may be able to help now or in the future must be maintained to keep everything running smoothly. Contact should be kept consistently and should be mutually advantageous to benefit both parties and keep everyone happy and happy to help.

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