Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just a Normal College Student Complaining about Classes

Classes are frustrating. It's hard to balance out classes, schoolwork, working, working out, going out and finding any time for just hanging out. Sometimes it seems that professors don't care that you have other things going on or that students would like to have a life other than homework and studying. I greatly dislike textbooks. They're not easy to read and they're hardly ever interesting. I don't like when professors assign 30 or more pages a night for you to read in your boring textbook, because if that's the required reading due for one class, you know that you'll have the same amount to read for all of your other classes as well. Because textbooks about the economy or chemical elements are difficult to read and most of the time are hard to comprehend, it usually takes a long time to read and understand the material. It will normally take me a few hours to get through assigned those pages for one class, and god-forbid I retain any of what I just read. There really just isn't enough time in the day to do all the required readings for all our classes, which is exactly why most students just don't read any of it at all. I really do try to read what I can for my classes, but usually I have to pick and choose which classes I would benefit the most in from doing the readings. In my economics class, for instance, my professor gives a quiz every morning on the chapters we were assigned from the previous class. In order to do well on these, I must suffer through his awful textbooks and chapters filled with incomprehensible jargon and gobblety-gook. The other reason I have to read these chapters is because the man just stands at his podium and talks for two straight hours - with no powerpoint or anything to help the students, except for the same drawing of the supply and demand curves that are drawn several times each lecture. I've tried my best to take good notes and to understand his large vocabulary and economic jargon - speaking at a super speed - but it's very difficult. I've recently had to bring in my laptop to try to type notes rather than write them and I must say it's definitely helped out, but the class is not easier by any means. For the first and hopefully only time in my life, I just wish to pass this class and be done with it.

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