Monday, April 11, 2011

A Few Days in the Life ..

After having such a busy and eventful weekend, I'm thoroughly exhausted.
You see, Friday, April 8th, I turned 21 years old. I was very excited to finally be able to experience The Beagle and see what all the hype was about! So Thursday night at midnight, a few of my friends who didn't have exams and whatnot on Friday, accompanied me to the bar for my first adventure!
Admittedly, Friday was a bit rough for me, though nothing that an great buffet dinner at Golden Corral and 2 hours of catching up with my family and boyfriend couldn't fix. I loaded up on mashed potatoes (my favorite) and of course some fish (no meat on Fridays). All in all it was a nice meal and wonderful to see my mom and dad for a few hours. After the trip to Lima, I got to relax a bit and watch a movie, then my roommate and I hosted a birthday celebration get-together. I made another trip to the bar with my pal, Marsha, that night, though I just wasn't able to stay out too late in consequence from the night before.
Saturday remained pretty low key for me. I attended the Lady of Loudres Catholic Church in Ada with three of the girls from the cheerleading squad and then we met some friends at El Campo for dinner. Then after watching two movies, my friends and I turned in for the night, in anticipation of a long day of cheerleading in the morning.
Today, Sunday, was ONU cheerleading tryouts. The whole ordeal began at noon, when we proceeded to lead stretches, teach a cheer, two chants and a dance to the ONU fight song to 14 hopeful girls competing for a spot on our squad. Most of the girls were pretty impressive and did a really nice job picking up the material that we taught them. I know that after going through our fight song dance about forty times, maybe more, that I'm going to be completely sore in the morning. But thats not all! We also brought in the boys after lunch and practiced stunting. I had to demonstrate partner stunting with the guys and flying in the pyramids. It was so great to have the squad back together though, since we haven't had any practice since basketball season.
Around 4:30 in the afternoon we started the actual tryouts and judging. This lasted until about 7 o'clock when the results were finally posted. The squad took five girls and two alternates who will cheer only home football games. Everyone did a great job and I'm proud of everyone who tried out. Most of the girls were really nervous and had never stunted before, so it definitely took lots of courage and hard work to participate. I'm really looking forward to our squad next year and seeing how everyone gets along and works together. Most of all though, I'm looking forward to some rest after this weekend. Hopefully this week will be pretty calm for me.

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